A true California girl who spent her childhood in Southern California and her adolescence in Northern California, Spencer now resides in the adult playground that is Los Angeles. Listening to the voice that comes out of this five-foot nothing girl is something to remember. If you figuratively look at her work as an architectural structure, the strong and soulful essence of her voice serves as the facade while the interior is made up of her intensely personal and original songs. With her song writing, she strives for a painful honesty that is also reflected in some of the most well known, loved, and respected songs. The combination of her writing mixed with the emotion in which she sings produces an effect that leaves no listener untouched. Her sound is influenced by some of her favorite artists such as Sia, Mazzy Star, Bob Dylan, Johnny Cash, Cat Power, Coldplay, Neil Young, Radiohead, Dido, Alt-J, Rufus Wainwright, Jewel, KD Lang and Joni Mitchell.